Your Comfort is Our Number One Focus

We are passionate about ensuring that our customers are comfortable in their homes no mater the season. Yet, what does comfort mean exactly? To us, comfort is not only knowing that your home is at a consistent temperature throughout the year, but that you are also saving as much as possible on your utility bills and have a home as energy efficient as you need it to be. Comfort for Ragano Heating and Air Conditioning is the foundation on which we have built our business, ensuring that we deliver superior service while ensuring you have that comfort is our passion.

Only the Best Brands in the Industry for Our Customers

There are many options in the heating and cooling industry when it comes to the brands and types of units that are installed in your home for air conditioning or for your furnace. We are continually evaluating the companies that we work with and the quality of the units that we install in homes to ensure that they are the best of the best. Our current top selections are American Standard, Ruud, Rheem, AprilAire and Honeywell. We do not believe that any one company will carry every item that our customers may need, so we ensure that we have a variety of options to truly provide the best solution for our customers and their homes.

Saving You Money and Energy with Your New AC Unit or Furnace

We have chosen the units and brands that we work with through extensive research and actual experience. We are focused on providing our customers with the current top energy efficient models that will in turn, reduce your monthly utility costs and provide excellence in the heating or cooling of your home. The heating and cooling industry is evolving rapidly to provide you with the best solutions for your home, whether you would like to control your entire home with your smartphone or prefer a system that has no connection, we can install that for you.

Sometimes it’s NOT the AC Unit or the Furnace…

There are times when one room may be very cold, or another is really hot and the rest of the house is fine, that can be confusing for many. Is it the furnace or the air conditioner? It may not be either, it could be that your thermostat has lost control and a new unit needs to be installed. There have been impressive advancements in thermostats over the past few years, with new whole home systems that can control each rooms temperature, all with a touch of your smartphone or the panel on the wall. We have kept up with the technology and are proud to install the NEST and Ecobee thermostats to help customers have control over the temperature in their homes and much more.

What Our Client’s Think